We are the only true end-to-end solution with a complete product ecosystem to serve your Solopreneurs’ customers. We have the tech solution, and the capacity to guide you through the execution of all phases of the project:

Customer Targeting


Customized loan offers

Scoring process

8-minute Customer Experience

Customer Life-Cycle Optimization

Loan Servicing and Collections

Plus an unlimited funding capacity

At Plurall, we build tailored-made risk-scoring and customer acquisition models for each partner using leveraging any kind of dataset they have available. This is possible thanks to Bodhi Tree, our proprietary AI platform Bodhi Tree nuestra plataforma propia de AI.

The benefits

We don’t trust generic scoring. We create tailored-made scoring models using the data available and relating to the needs of our partner as well as their customers. Data sources can include POS, accounting, invoicing, bank statements, and many others.
Our technology adapts to integrate with our partner, depending on your model and your needs. We do not need weeks of development.
Offering alternative financial services can drive growth, boost user engagement, increase loyalty, and add new revenue streams to your company. Loan programs can be designed to encourage valuable Partner objectives such as higher engagement with ERP solutions, sharing of data, among others.
Working and growing capital available whenever they need, with a simple, quick 8-minute experience in our Plurall App
They may find everything they need for their business growth in just one place.
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Plurall as your financial partner

We can grant tailored-made loans according to each customer's needs, from COP$250,000 to COP$8,000,000 We are able to serve all different types of microbusinesses from all over Colombia, even if they are not formally incorporated.
We have experience in lending to different partner customers such as Treinta, where we are developing customized customer experience. We share customer insights, generated by Bodhi Tree,with our partners to facilitate greater understanding of customer needs and wants.
We have a Debt Facility of USD $20 million with Fasanara Capital a $3.5B AUM debt and equity fund in the UK, which we use to convert into loans for our partners’ customers. In addition, we are partners of dale! (from Grupo Aval), and Visa, enabling Plurall the creation of accounts and issuing of cards.
Plurall assumes the risk of lending to our partners’ customers. It's our capital, our risk. We can also work with share revenue models.

What does our partners think about us?

Experiences of some of our clients

Author picture

Working with Plurall has been a successful process for both: our customers and us. We know that there is an appetite for loans in the microentrepreneur that is important for the growth of their business, and from Treinta we want to support them to get that capital through allies who can do it with good usability and experience for them.

Youssef Sebti
Product Manager

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