Where can I pay my Plurall credit?

Puedes pagar en cualquiera de los siguientes canales:  A través de PSE en nuestra página web.  En los 10,000 puntos aliados de Efecty.  En nuestra app.

Is Plurall a bank?

No. Plurall is a FinTech that leverages proprietary and third-party technologies to help you achieve your business goals, through access to the digital payments and credit ecosystem. The electronic deposit accounts and the Visa Debit Card that you can open a request through our platform are issued by Pagos GDE S.A (Powwi), a company specialized in Deposit and Electronic Payments (SEDPE) under surveillance of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia.

Does Plurall uses intermediaries?

No. Plurall is a 100% digital company and we do not have intermediaries. This helps keep our costs low so we can pass along the savings to you. Avoid being a fraud victim with third parties that appear on our behalf offering you help. Our service is so easy and simple you don't need anyone helping you! 

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