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The most important startups in Colombia

Being an entrepreneur in a country like Colombia demands different challenges and difficulties to face. However, difficulties didn’t stop these companies from deciding to go against adversities and the global crisis, into becoming highly inspiring businesses during the pandemic.

According to Forbes, these are some of the most relevant StartUps in the country and here we tell you how they did it. We all need inspiration from time to time!

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Business idea: It is a Fintech platform, allows users to pay for products in allied commercial establishments, and pay them in the future (also known as Buy Now, Pay Later). They do not ask for a fee, they do not charge insurance, a technology or administration fee and offer rates from 19.99% to 28.99% per year.

Founders: Elmer Ortega, Daniel Vallejo y Santiago Suárez.


Business idea: Operates as a network of hotel franchises, with independent hotels joining the network. Currently Ayenda is part of the most innovative startups in the global industry and has more than 450 hotels within 40 cities, with an excellent location.

Founders: Andrés Sarrazola

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Business idea: Se encarga de abastecer tiendas y mercados en menos de 24 horas a precios de fabricante, a través de un proceso 100% digital.

Founders: José Jair Bonilla, Oscar Sarria y Carolina García

And the next startup that can be in our top 3 can be yours. At Plurall we are here to support your dreams and invest in them Know our products and move forward together.

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